Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A good day is a good day

I made a deal with the kid a couple weeks ago.
I'd been finding myself a little...short-tempered to be dealing with a three-year-old every day, and I knew she was starting to reflect it. We'd gotten into this weird, antagonistic dynamic, and I needed it to stop. So, we made a deal: I'd be nicer to her, if she'd be nicer to me.
It was simple, but effective, and the house is so much better to be in every day because of it. I make an effort to take extra deep breaths before responding if I feel my patience/temper shortening, and I can see she works a little harder to adjust her tone with me.
Our days together can be long, especially when she's just here at home alone with me all day (as is happening right now with a killer cold snap, no nursery, and mum not having started holiday yet), so it's been vitally important to us both for them to be calmer, if not always better.
But they're usually better, too.


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