Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowballs in Hell

Something I've gotten used to living here in northern England is the almost total lack of snow all winter long. So, imagine my surprise yesterday morning.
There'd been a light snow the day before,
one that I'd totally missed somehow between bringing the kid home from her Christmas party and looking out the window about an hour later. But it'd been nothing like the 3 inches or so we got hit with overnight.
It didn't even cross my mind to be bothered by the snow. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, and this is the sort of behaviour we naturally expect from the coldest part of the year. We don't have a car, and over the weekend had nowhere we had to be, so we could just play in it! (It was only later, when being offered by a friend kind wishes to 'make it through this awful weather' that it even occured to me this might not
be something everyone was enjoying.)
It was our wedding anniversary, and spending that morning with the wife & daughter out
building a snowperson, shoveling snow into a pile and then fashioning a crude snow-hill & tunnel, frankly it all felt like the perfect way to celebrate 6 years of marriage and what's happened in the interim.
I couldn't help but feel like passersby thought we were a little nuts for frolicking about in our front garden in heaps of snow, but that doesn't really seem anything new in this town. And we had a great time doing it, so nuts to them.
(Of course, sometime early in the evening last night some chucklehead had the balls to walk right into our aforementioned garden and knock the head off our snowperson. I rebuilt it today, though it's not the snowperson it once was. I expect the head to be off again tomorrow...and I'll probably rebuild it again.)


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