Friday, December 17, 2010

Back in the swing?

I'm at the point in my life where I either need to get serious about writing, or just give up on the concept entirely. If I can make any kind of an effort to keep writing here, I think that should be an indication I'm not utterly hopeless.
Since the last time I wrote (ages and ages ago) anything about my life here, my life has changed again. We've had the kid I said we were having, and she's superb. The kid's now 3 and a half years old, and smart and funny and lovely and just about everything I could've dreamed or hoped of her.
The missus came up with the idea that we should try to get the kid to earn a recent trip somewhere we know she loves to go (with the added bonus that Santa would be there, for whatever that means to her). The goal was to earn a star a day for good behaviour, with the cumulative sum of four equalling the trip. Well, she did it, and life around the house has been superb. Today, however, (the day after earning the 4th star) she was starting to act up. When we both asked her to settle down, she said: 'But I already got my four stars.' Serves us right, I suppose.
I reasoned with her that all our lives have been so much more pleasant for the past week, and wouldn't it be lovely if we could be like that all the time? She saw the sense in this, and settled down to go get dressed. It's swell having a smart kid.
(I don't mean to suggest she's a monster on her usual days, but she -- like her Dad -- has trouble with her temper. We've been trying to get it under control/give her alternatives for venting. You know, like NOT hitting other kids when they take a toy she's not really playing with but is integral to her environment somehow.)
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We're going on the kid's trip. To a kids' science museum. Not the most romantic destination, but a suitable reflection of what our life is now with me, the wife, and the little girl. Should be a good time. Oh, and of course I've gotten the wife a little something (the US anniversary this year is for iron; in the UK it's sugar -- guess which way I went).


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